School Shootings

a film by Marita Neher and Nicola Richter

As a rule, pupils running amok not only kill many other people but also themselves. For that reason, they cannot contribute towards the clarification of their motives. Murder followed by suicide is the signature mark of this particular form of crime.
Scientists from very different fields try to sketch a profile, by which to detect potential killers and to prevent massacres like the one in Littleton/USA which left thirteen people dead in 1999 or the one in Erfurt/Germany which left 16 pupils and a teacher dead in 2002.

The film aims to sketch a fictitious killer with the help of several scientific disciplines. Its goal is to find out which social and personal forces turn these people into mass murderers. International scientists from various fields of study will allow insight into their research. Their data, taken from the fields of psychiatry, neurology, sociology, criminology and forensic sciences, medicine and culture will constitute the plot of the film.


School Shootings

Marita Neher und Nicola Richter
Marita Neher
Director of Photography
Astrid Marschall
Carsten Kramer
Hans Hafner
Merle Kröger
Marita Neher Filmproduktion
Medea Film/Irene Höfer
Commissioning Editor
Linde Dehner
Martin Pieper
Stefanie Platen
ZDF/ARTE, Germany 2007, 43 min.
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