“I do not see a film as a materialized vision that can be grabbed and played on demand, but as an idea in my consciousness. Something that I create and that transforms me.”

Born in the Black Forest, brought up in a large multi-generational household with three younger sisters, and raised in the wild city of Berlin in the 80s.
The passion for cinema and art has been a part of my life since an early age. I became a filmmaker to tell the lives of people who fascinate and inspire me. Stories that are provocative and challenging. They do not always have to involve great dramas. I am also captivated by quiet moments. I love those moments when imagination takes wild turns, when the desire to think cinematically sets me in motion. The curiosity to discover, to unveil something surprising, and the fortune of seeing something unknown—I want to keep these longings to surprise and reach my audience. But above all, to challenge myself over and over again to find an appropriate cinematic form for life.